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In June 2013, Jasmine Fletcher graduated from Portland State University with a focus on technology and data analysis. A month later her mother purchased a food cart. While initially knowing nothing about what it took to own and operate a business — let alone how to work commercial deep fryers — she figured it out. Throughout the years she learned the ins and outs of operating a business; marketing, social media management, customer service, bookkeeping, food photography, grant writing and, the most important aspect, time management. 

In 2020, Eva Long of Long on Books, a resource for independent authors, sought out Jasmine to help new authors with their websites and social media marketing.  A successful collaboration ensued and in 2021, Jasmine founded Visual Sounds Studio. VSS is an all-in-one business that allows her to merge her business knowledge and skills with her technological knowledge and passion for photography. 

Jasmine believes in creating unique representations of individuals and businesses through accessible digital marketing to help them maximize their reach to current and potential clients. 

What is “Visual Sounds”?

I have always enjoyed looking at life behind a camera lens. In 2019 I invested in my first professional camera and began taking my photography more seriously. At this time, I started to think of what I could call my photography. I wanted a name that was not unique and meaningful but also representative of myself. I love taking photos because it freezes a moment, but a big part of my passion is based on a more intimate reason. 

When I was 15 years old, I began to lose my hearing. I was diagnosed with a rare form of hearing loss called Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder, ANSD. My eyes essentially became my ears. Taking photos gives me the ability to freeze moments and sounds. When I look at the photos I’ve taken, I think about what I was able to hear and what else could have been heard at that moment as well.

Visual Sounds is a collective concept that defines me within my work. 

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