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Trust. Integrity. Honesty.

These are the values that Sunset Imports was built upon. From the beginning, Sunset's founder Karen Feiner had a vision to change the way people bought automobiles and to give them the ultimate ownership experience. In 1980, her vision was realized and the doors of Sunset Imports were opened.

It wouldn't be an easy road, as at the time, Sunset was the third Porsche and Audi dealership in the Portland market.

After years of hard work, dedication, and many ups & downs, Karen was able to revolutionize the car buying experience, and in the early 1990s the other dealers in the area faded away, leaving Sunset Imports as the top Porsche and Audi dealer in the Northwest.


These core values have defined the way Sunset Imports operates since 1980. Even after three decades, a visit to the dealership will quickly show that the warm, friendly, and welcoming environment that Mrs. Feiner created so long ago, is still present today.

With the popularity of Sunset Imports, expansion was inevitable. From the early beginnings of a humble, one showroom dealership where Audi and Porsche were sold out of the same building to being in four different buildings taking up a city block. Sunset Imports now includes Porsche, both Certified Pre-Owned & New Audi, and our Pre-Owned store that specializes in used vehicles of all makes and models. To service our customers better, Sunset has also opened a second Audi service location.

With every customer that visits Sunset Imports, our goal is to share the legacy that the great visionary Karen Feiner was able to craft.

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