Poley Creative


Media Photographic and Film Services Video Production and Duplication Film and Motion Pictures


Poley Creative produces videos to teach and tell stories. 

We are a Portland, Oregon-based company that works with organizations from all over the world. We want to work with cool people to make awesome things–and we want what we make to help the world become a better place. 

Michael Poley, co-owner and creative director of Poley Creative, has over 15 years of experience in education. He started out creating textbooks with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and eventually began producing educational video content for fashion, marketing, technology, and cosmetics industries before joining Think Vitamin Membership–which eventually became Treehouse–to found their video production team. 

Michael and Elizabeth produced education videos for Treehouse with some of the best and the brightest humans in software and engineering, teaching 100s of thousands of students and encouraging people to start careers in web design and web development without going to school or getting into debt. 

Since January of 2019, Poley Creative has been producing video and content strategies for engineering teams, non-profits, and entrepreneurs. 

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