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For over 40 years, our vision has been to make the world a better place, one organic produce delivery at a time.

With hands in the soil, Organically Grown Company was founded back in 1978. It was a company built on the belief that organic food is simply the best way to nourish people while protecting the planet.

Being an organic farmer and getting fresh produce to market can be a challenge. But, it’s important work, work that sparked our business in 1978 and is what keeps us going today. 

Today, we’re the nation’s only trust-owned independent distributor of organic produce supporting farms of all sizes.

The growth of our company has been marked with incredible change. Originally established as a nonprofit farmer cooperative, we evolved as the organic marketplace matured. Our spirit of caring for each other is evident in our progression from a nonprofit, to a co-op and later an employee-owned business (ESOP). In 2018, we registered as a Benefit Corporation and transitioned our ownership to the Sustainable Food and Agriculture Perpetual Purpose Trust (SFAPPT), embedding our mission into our governance and bylaws.

We focus on purpose over profit into perpetuity.

The Sustainable Food & Agriculture Perpetual Purpose Trust (SFAPPT) will ensure that our company delivers positive economic, social and environmental impacts and maintains our independence into perpetuity, never to be sold. 

We are proud of our roots and are proud to be fully committed to a sustainable future. You can see our commitment in action every day. It’s visible in how we care about our coworkers, in how we help support organic growers through our services and the  Ladybug Brand™, in how we use energy efficient transportation and in how we provide community support.

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