Sophistication and style with a side of olives. More than just a mere drink.

As author William Grimes put it, “For the true martini believer, the combination of gin, vermouth, and olive is the Holy Trinity.” During martini hour, we shall all find salvation.

The origin of the martini is somewhat controversial. Some say it was created in 1910 by head bartender Martini di Arma di Taggia, of New York’s famous Knickerbocker Hotel, for oil magnate John D. Rockefeller. Others claim that it was created in 1849 for a gold miner at a bar in Martinez, California. There are numerous other claims, but all of the Martini’s origins are indefinite and hotly contested.

Today the Martini itself has morphed into something altogether different than its original Gin Martini counterpart, and many feel that only gin or vodka + vermouth can be called a “Martini.” However, many variations have been created over the years and we would like to share these inventive concoctions with you here at Bartini.

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